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triLED™ Duo Pack

triLED™ Technology

Sale price $58.49 Regular price $64.99

When is the last time your Mosquito Repellent value pack lasted you almost 3 years? Bet you're still thinking of that one eh? Well, that's where the triLED™ Duo Pack comes along.

The triLED™ Duo Power Pack is put together for you to get:


The triLED™ Duo Power Pack allows you to use both triLED mosquito repellents simultaneously as you sit back, relax and enjoy your night. Whether you decide to have the Portable Light underneath your table and the Light Bulb right above your table, the Duo Power Pack brings the PERFECT BALANCE of both triLED™ products.


1 Mosquito Repellent Light Bulb

1 Portable Mosquito Repellent Light

For barely half a penny per hour, you're saving your skin and your nights.