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triLED™ Mosquito Repellent Light Bulb

triLED™ Technology

Sale price $19.99 Regular price $24.99

triLED™ Mosquito Repellent Light Bulb

If you've ever dined outside during summer, you'll know that it's a constant balancing act - if you leave the porch lights on, you risk attracting every insect within a 100 foot radius to share your dinner, but without lights, you'll spend half the meal trying to guess what's on your fork.

That’s why this Mosquito Repellent Light Bulb is such a game-changer!

The world’s first mosquito repellent light bulb, no more swatting, spraying dangerous chemicals, or trying to zap pesky mosquitoes required. Just screw in the light bulb and flip the switch to produce a mosquito-repelling light that keeps the bugs away so you can enjoy your night outdoors without itching. It’s that simple!

This light bulb is made of the highest-quality material and has 3 ambiances to choose from: Cold (5000k), Warm (3100k) and Mosquito Repellent (1850k) to ensure you always have the proper environment to enjoy your summertime evenings!

Key Features:

  • Repels mosquitos up to 150 sq. ft.
  • 3 ambiances: Cold (5000k), Warm (3100k) and Mosquito Repellent (1850k)
  • No chemicals, zapping, or spraying needed
  • High-quality 100% aluminum thread light bulb
  • Bulb casing is E26 and made up of nanoplastic
  • Shatter proof and water resistant

Technical Details

Wattage: 7.8 W
Socket Base: A19
Casing: E26
Ambiances: Cool, Warm, Mosquito Repellent
Lumens: 1170 LM
Lifespan: 25,000 hours/colour
Energy Consumption: 7.8kWH/1000h
Voltage: 100 - 130vAC